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Mount Sinai Cemetery Association of Daytona Beach, Florida


Charles Moskowitz

About The Mount Sinai Cemetery

The Mt. Sinai Cemetery was founded in 1937 by Harry Pepper and Mack Roth with the help of Harry Haigh of Haigh-Black Funeral Home when the three men agreed on the need for a local Jewish cemetery.  The first officers of the Mount Sinai Cemetery Association were: President-Harry Pepper; Vice- President-Mack Roth; Secretary-Sam Doliner and Treasurer-Irving Sacks.  Mr. Joseph D. Letter, the owner of the established cemetery also helped form Mt. Sinai Cemetery by selling some of his property to the Mt. Sinai Cemetery Association.  Additionally, ten men put in money to buy more acreage and they each received ten plots.  Mt. Sinai Cemetery is the repository for the remains of the majority of the deceased members of the Jewish faith from our community.  (Thanks to “KK” Worman for the history of Mt. Sinai Cemetery)

The Mount Sinai Cemetery Association is active today with  Alan S. Kisseloff, President and Treasurer, Scott Frank, Vice-President and Al Fritts, Secretary.  The  Board of Directors includes: Ira Freedman,  Morris Levy, Charles Moskowitz, Howard Pranikoff, Linda Samuels, Murray Steinberg, and Steve Unatin.

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